2018 Calendar of Events


2018 Calendar

Download the Full 2018 SFHCP Events Calendar

Updated: 8/23/18

The Incentive & Distribution Subcommittee have approved the following events to be qualifying for SFHCP Incentive Programs:

5/3/2018: If you missed a qualifying event, you may now go back and watch the video of the event, listen to the recording of the event or download the slide deck (if no recording is available) to earn credit for having attended the event:

• February 6: SFHCP All-Provider Education Session (Link)
• February 22: SFHCP All-Provider Education Session (Link)
• March 26: SFHCP Practice Manager’s Meeting (Link)
• April 24: SFHCP All-Provider Education Session (Link)

Regional Medical Director Pod Meetings

Dr Buckman RMD Meetings for 2018  (Updated 7/9/18)

Dr Howlett RMD Meetings for 2018  (Updated 6/4/18)

Dr Bansal RMD Meetings 2018  (Updated 9/17/18)