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Purchasing Program


Saint Francis Healthcare Partners (SFHCP) is pleased to announce our partnership with AdvantageTrust, a division of HealthTrust which is an industry leading healthcare Group Purchasing Organization. AdvantageTrust offers SFHCP affiliated physician practices the same buying power as hospitals and large healthcare facilities. The current contracted medical and office supply vendors are the most widely recognized distributors in the country and offer an average savings of 22% on office supplies and 20% on medical supplies.

We are happy to share with you that one of our member cardiology groups has saved over $50,000 to include a 33% savings on radiopharmaceuticals!

Medical Malpractice Insurance Program


SFCHP is excited to announce that it has developed Connecticut Affiliated Physicians, Risk Purchasing Group, LLC (CAP- PG). CAP-PG enables physicians and other clinicians to negotiate malpractice insurance as a group. By becoming a CAP-PG member, you and your practice can access the program and begin saving money on your malpractice insurance premiums and take advantage of its leading edge risk and practice management services.

CAP-PG was formed on January 1, 2017, and we have already enrolled 98 members! The average per practice savings is $20,000* and the total aggregate savings for CAP-PG members exceeds $100,000!

(*may vary based on number of physicians, specialty and claims experience).

“The practice is receiving an annual savings of $26,000 this year (representing a 35% savings) and enrollment was fast and easy! This, along with the savings from the SFHCP group purchasing program, has been an unexpected, but very appreciated bonus of our membership in Saint Francis Healthcare Partners. We are looking forward to more innovative cost savings measures.” – David Howlett, MD – East Granby Family Medicine


For information on these programs or to enroll, please contact Kathy Strauch at kstrauch@stfranciscare.org or 860.714.1245.